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October 18, 2009 is Chuck Berry’s birthday and I can’t let this day go by without recognizing this Rock and Roll Pioneer.  Below you will find a wealth of information about this African American icon that developed a style of music and performing that would later be  emulated, copied  and stolen by many.

Brief Biography

Chuck Berry, fountainhead of the rock guitar and first citizen of the hallowed halls of rock and roll music, has been hailed by rock and roll fanatics, guitarists and guitar-lovers of every generation as the ‘Father of Rock and Roll’

He comes closest to being the one individual that can rightfully be credited with inventing rock and roll as we’ve come to know it today. He is one of the greatest guitarists and song-writers the world has ever known. His seminal influence on the world of music has been acknowledged by every rock musician in his wake.

Chuck Berry not only breathed life into the rock and roll sound, he infused vital energy and spirit into the rock and roll attitude. His masterfully crafted compositions were an astonishing blend of traditional black rhythm and blues with white country, jazz and western licks, and they transcended race, class and age barriers to capture the imagination of a wide variety of cosmopolitan audiences.

The thumping, foot-tapping guitar licks and the magic of the witty, rapid-fire lyrics complete with sly references to cars, girls and growing-up pains became the anthems of a generation.

Berry’s music has managed to stand the test of time and reverberated through the ensuing decades to excite music connoisseurs even in the twenty-first century. To this day, his songs are essential listening for every true rock fan. Bequeathing his talent with the reverence it deserves, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Chuck Berry #6 on its list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

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Chuck Berry Posters

Below you will find the only two Chuck Berry photographic posters that we carry at this time.  In both images he is doing his legendary duck walk.  A fitting tribute to the indisputable King of Rock & Roll!

Chuck Berry Duck Walk I

Title: Chuck Berry – Duck Walk I
Size: 20×16
Price: $35.00
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Chuck Berry Duck Walk II

Title: Chuck Berry – Duck Walk II
Size: 14×11
Price: $20.00
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