“A Votive Vibe” and Creative Quarantine 2006

Larry “Poncho” Brown Painting “A Votive Vibe”

In 2006, several artists came together for the first Creative Quarantine.  These artists were Maurice Bardford, Karne Buster, Lauren Lyde, James Murphy and Larry “Poncho” Brown.  During this quarantine the artists isolated themselves in order to inspire and motivate each other and produce a creative work environment.  During this quarantine in Poncho’s Baltimore Studio, 19 pieces were created including the one shown being produced by Larry “Poncho” Brown in the video entitled “A Votive Vibe”.  You can see an image of the finished piece below.  Unfortunately, this original mixed media image has already been sold.  Let’s see what’s created during the Creative Quarantine in 2010!

"A Votive Vibe" by Larry "Poncho" Brown

Title: A Votive Vibe
Artist: Larry “Poncho” Brown
Size: 36″ x 10.5 inches
Medium: Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

Creative Quarantine 2006

A photo of the artists that participated in the inaugaral Creative Quarantine in 2006. 
Great Job!