Alan and Aaron Hicks on TV in Chicago!

Twin Hicks Art on TV

Alan and Aaron Hicks were recently featured on WTTW in Chicago.  In this video you can learn more about the two phenomenal twin artists, their history, and their techniques and strategies when creating art.  You can also learn more about their new childrens book: Noah’s Ark which was created with their long time collaborator Robert Richardson.

Check out the video for yourself and learn more about Alan Hicks and Aaron Hicks and Twin Hicks Art!

Purchase the Twin Hicks new book online today!

Twin Hicks and Robert Richardson Present Alan Hicks

We also have a lot of art by Alan and Aaron Hicks featured throughout our site.  View some of their art in our Black Bibilical Heroes Art Collection.

Black Art Video: Justin Bua at the Limited Addiction Gallery

This Black Art Video features the artist and icon known as Justin Bua.  Though it is short video it does a good job of summarizing who Justin Bua is and how he has impacted the world of art.  It features the art of Justin Bua and images and videos from one of his exhibitions at the Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

BUA @ Limited Addiction Gallery

New Black Art Video: Black Erotic Art Gallery

The Black Art Depot is proud to present it’s newest Black Art Video featuring our Black Erotic Art Collection and the music of Silk.  It is a sexy, sensual, classy and soulful black art video that is for Grown Folks only!  Some of the prints in the video are not yet available on the website but will be added by the end of the week.

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Ernie Barnes: Americans In Focus

Ernie Barnes

Below is a video featuring the amazing artist Ernie Barnes. Ernie Barnes hails from my hometown of Durham, NC and is best known for the print “Sugar Shack” which was featured on the cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic, soulful opus, “I Want You”. Enjoy!

Visit our Ernie Barnes Art Gallery!

David Garibaldi Live at the Javitz Center

David Garibaldi is a fantastic artist from San Francisco whose “Rhythm and Hue” Art Shows are becoming increasingly more popular.  During these events David Garibldi entertains while he quickly paints various individuals ranging from Ray Charles during some events to Jimi Hendrix to Bono and more.  If you ever have the opportunity, check it out, because this is a unique event that you don’t want to miss.  Below you will find a video from one of the shows he did in NYC at the Javitz Center:

Visit our David Garibaldi Art Gallery Online!  We currently are running a special on his poster and art prints until June 22, 2008 where you can purchase his products at a 10% – 30% discount!

Black Art Video: The Black Jesus Art Collection

This video consists of Black Art by African American and other ethnic artists featuring an African American Jesus Christ and the music of Kirk Franklin. Enjoy and if you like the video or have any ideas as to how we can make future videos better please feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email!

The Black Jesus Art Collection

Kadir Nelson Interview: We Are The Ship

Below you will find an interview featuring Kadir Nelson. Kadir Nelson is a well known and respected African American artist. In this clip he is being interviewed about the book he illustrated entitled “We Are The Ship”. Below you will find some links where you can learn more about Kadir Nelson, view his artwork, and also view the other books he has written and/or illustrated. Enjoy!


1. Kadir Nelson Biography
2. Kadir Nelson Art
3. Kadir Nelson Books and More!