Gerald Ivey Speaks On “Lean On Me” and “My Comfort”

Gerald Ivey

Lean On Me by Gerald IveyMy Comfort by Gerald Ivey

“My Comfort” and “Lean On Me” by Gerald Ivey are two very popular art prints by this talented and world renowned artist. These two prints hang in many homes worldwide and continue to be very popular amongst the old and young alike beacuse of it’s timeless message and beautiful imagery. We were lucky enough to catch up with Gerald Ivey and we took this opportunity to ask him about these two works of art.

Gerald Ivey

Gerald Ivey at Exhibition

When did you create these two pieces?

“Lean On Me” was created first in 1999 and then “My Comfort” was created in 2001.

These two images seem to convey such a strong spiritual message. Was there anything that you were going through personally at the time?

I wasn’t really going through anything at the time but I did have a strong desire and need to be more spiritually expressive with my art.

Have you ever considered creating another member of the series?

I’ve thought about this and I actually plan to create another member of the series featuring a man and a woman together. I just haven’t had the opportunity to paint it yet.

Are the originals of these two pieces still available?

Yes, both originals are still available and are currently in my art gallery in Atlanta, GA.

Where can the originals be viewed or purchased?

The Gerald Ivey Gallery
644 Antone NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

We want to thank Gerald Ivey for taking the time to speak with us about these two prints. Please don’t forget to visit his gallery in Atlanta, GA if you would like to purchase any original or rare works of art by Gerald Ivey. You can also visit the link below to purchase any open or limited edition artwork by Gerald Ivey!

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