Top 7 Art Prints & Posters for Black Beauty Salons

Pamper Party by Kevin "WAK" Williams

I have always received a lot of inquiries from various people asking me what I would recommend for different types of businesses and offices. These valued customers often ask me to recommend art for their beauty salons, barbershops, law offices, doctor offices, and dentist offices. Therefore I am going to make a series of posts that feature what I consider to be the top 7 art prints and posters for each environment based on customer feedback and sales.

My first post in this series is what I consider to be the bestsellers and top art prints for beauty salons that have a primarily African American clientel. These prints are what I affectionately label as “Black Beauty Salon Art”.

Please review and leave a comment letting us know what you think about our selections. Also if you know of any other great art prints featuring African American Hair Salons or that feature Mothers doing their child’s hair please feel free to share this recommendation with us and our community.

Burn You Baby? by Annie Lee Burn You Baby? by Annie Lee
Tenderheaded by Leonard Freeman Tenderheaded by Leonard Freeman
Keepin' Up Mess by Tracy Andrews Keepin’ Up Mess by Tracy Andrews
Coco by Kevin "WAK" Williams Coco by Kevin "WAK" Williams
Our Turn by Henry Battle Our Turn by Henry Battle
Three on One by Annie Lee Three on One by Annie Lee
Fendi by Kevin "WAK" Williams Fendi by Kevin "WAK" Williams

Below you will find some other great African American Hair Salon art for you to review. Don’t forget to visit our site to see the full collection!

Style by Kevin "WAK" Williams Saturday Morning by Sharon Wilson Too Tight by Lonnie Ollivierre Braided Beauty by Anonymous
Rinse Cycle by Kevin "WAK" Williams Doin' Time by Kevin "WAK" Williams Full Set or Fill In by Annie Lee
Mohawk by Kevin "WAK" Williams Foxy by Kevin "WAK" Williams All That Glitters by Annie Lee
  • marcie

    Your art work is very beautiful. Please let me know when style #1,#2,#3,and #4 is avaiable. Thank you.

  • Nicole

    I love these black hair pics. They are so defined and speak all by themselves. I will back on here sortly to purchase some.

  • kim

    These are so beautiful, they capture the essence of the black women

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    Lovely work!

  • Will Glidewell

    Awesome Art work!!!!!

  • Will Glidewell

    Great Art work!!!!! I love the “Keeping up the mess” print.

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    This does look like and aspire to be works of art.

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    Really, not enough bloggers take the time to create compelling content. Thank you for being an exception.

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      Thanks. I appreciate the kind words.

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    really great.. hands off to you :)

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    Art like music is man’s creative at its best.

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    One who appreciates Art in its pure form, will have a better understanding of these exquisite offerings.

  • Umrah

    Its the grand in Art that touches us and leads to our insightful analysis of its worth.

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    I can’t posibly agree with the above post, and would like to highlight a few of the OP’s points. Not everyone will agree and though I am one of them, I do respect your right to have your view. Either way I have enjoyed reading Black Beauty Salon Art & African American Hair Salon Posters | The Black Art Depot Today.

    • Haasim

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • Adrianne Williams

    How can I purchase these pictures style portfolio I’m needing this for my salon.

  • http://BlackBeautySalon Darnetta Pride

    I am in need of the last three posters on this site. How can I purchase them?

  • Roslyn Graham

    I like the posters but my only concern is is that we are all going to have the same posters. Do you have more than whats on this website. It is really hard to find black hair pictures posters for my salon. I did see a few you have that are really nice. Any more????? Thanks

  • Candy Summers

    Great post! I can definitely relate to ‘Tenderheaded’ :] reminds me of when my mom would do my hair when I was little.

  • daniella

    looking for poster of a baby with a afro sitting down I think with a pick in hand