Monuments and Statues: Haitian Memorial Monument

When I took my first trip to Savannah earlier this year for a conference I was surprised when I stumbled upon this monument. It was dedicated to Haitians that fought in the American Revolution that were trying to help free America from the British. I thought it was a beautiful monument and contained historical information that is definitely not widely known. Enjoy and hopefully you’ll get the opportunity to visit Savannah and see it for yourself!

Haitian Monument 1 Haitian Monument 2

  • AnDrew Spellen

    I remember as a black kid growing up in Canada, reading about George Washington Carver. We do not hear much about black achievement or history so reading about this great man opened my eyes to what a great history we have. I left the library brimming with pride and to this day(54 years old) I am still in awe of this man!