African American Angel Gifts & Collectibles

African American Angel Art Print

The Black Art Depot carries a wide variety of African American Angel Gifts for those who enjoy purchasing and collecting these items. Below you will find a list of the different categories of African American Angel products that we keep in inventory. Included will be a description of what you will find in this category, some sample images and links to the various African American Angel Gift Collections themselves so that you may view and/or purchase any of the sample products shown or any of the other various African Angel Angel Collectibles in the category.

African American Angel Art

Our African American Angel Art Collections consist of over 75 art prints and posters by famous and emerging Ethnic artists that feature African American Angels.  This art collection contains limited editions, open editions and posters.  In it you can find African American Angels in variety of forms.  They are portrayed as children, elders, men and women.  Some of my favorite prints from the collection are below for you to review.  We have also included a video below that showcases even more of the prints available in this collection.

African Child IIAngel Into the LightAngels KissingPrayer WarriorWatchful Eyes

View our entire: African American Angel Art Collection

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African American Angel Figurines

Our figurine collection consists of lines such as Ebony Elements, Heavenly Visions and Blessings Unto You.  In each one of these lines of figurines, you will find a wide selection of African American Angel Figurines to choose from.  Featuring several different styles, positions, sizes and colors, I’m sure that each customer will be able to find a figurine featuring an African American angel that she or he will enjoy.  Below you will find some sample images of the African American Angel Figurines available on our site and links to the various collections.

Glory to God: Heavenly Visions Figurine CollectionLove Always: Ebony Elements Figurines & GiftsFaith to Soar: Heavenly Visions FigurinesHoliness: Gentle Souls FigurinesHope: Blessings Unto You Figurines

Ebony Elements FigurinesBlessing Unto You Figurines | Heavenly Visions Figurines

African American Angel Magnets

If you are looking for a magnet that features an African American Angel the best place to view some on our site is in the Black Religious Magnet Collection.  These beautiful two dimensional magnets are sure to make great additions to your exisiting collection or would be great foundation pieces for those that want to start a collection.  Below you will find two of my favorites:

Angels IV: Black Religious MagnetsAngels: Black Religious Magnets

Black Religious Magnets

African American Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

Our collection of Ethnic Christmas Tree Toppers have always been a favorite amongst our valued customers.  What makes our collection unique is that it primarily consists of African American Angels.  Perfect for those who wish to celebrate the holidays with their children in their image and likeness.  Below you will find some samples of our most popular Tree Toppers.

Tiffany (Red): African American Christmas Tree TopperSerenity (Gold): African American Christmas Tree Toppers

African American Christmas Tree Toppers

African American Angel Tapestry Throws

If you prefer to purchase some Tapestry Throws or wall hangings featuring African American Angels, we have a few of these featured on our site as well.  We are currently in the process of increasing our collection of Tapestry Throws, Wall Hangings and other Tapestry Gifts so I encourage you to check back frequently to see what new items we may have in stock featuring African American Angels.  Below you will find a sample of our Tapestry Throws:

Joy: African American Expression Tapestry ThrowAngels: African American Expression Tapestry Throws

African American Angel Inspiration Canvas Wall Hangings

Our Inspirational Canvas Wall Hangings also have a wide selection of items in the collection that feature African American Angels.  These wall hangings do not need to be framed and are ready to hang as is.  Perfect for hallways, bathrooms and other areas where you need smaller prints.  Below you will find a sample of two of my favorites:

Psalms 100:5: Inspirational Canvas Wall HangingsPsalms 149:3: Inspirational Canvas Wall Hangings
  • Dom Boyd

    These paintings and figurines are beautiful! I would love to get one for my step daughter. I think she’d really love it. She collects figurines and I think it would mean a lot to her that I got her a gift that she can display with her others. I’ll have to see which one she likes best.