Our Top 7 Black Resurrection Art Prints

True Passion by Lester Kern
True Passion by Lester Kern

For my last Easter related post I wanted to share with you all my favorite ethnic resurrection art prints for all of our valued customers to view. All of these prints feature an African American Jesus Christ portrayed either on the cross during his crucifixion or show Jesus as he rose from the dead.  We hope you enjoy and if you have a favorite Black Resurrection art print please feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

You can view a wide variety of art prints and posters that feature Jesus in our: Black Jesus Art Collection


"And God Saw" by Kent L. Drake

“And God Saw” by Kent L. Drake

"Body and Soul" by Kolongi

“Body and Soul” by Kolongi

"Forgive them Father" by Alix Beaujour

“Forgive them Father” by Alix Beaujour

"Descent from the Cross" by Tim Ashkar

“Descent from the Cross” by Tim Ashkar

"And He Rose" by Vincent Barzoni

“And He Rose” by Vincent Barzoni

"Weep for He Will Not Return" by Alix Beaujour

“Weep Not for He Will Return” by Alix Beaujour


  • Rev G. E. Gordon Sr

    The piece known as “And God Saw” by Kent L. Drake moved me when I first saw it about 4 years ago. I just finisher school to become a Pastor and it motivated me to keep going, just about to give up but because of the wind and waves in my wal on water experience. He touched me though ” And God Saw”. God was watching me and as of March 5, 2011 I will be installed as Pastor. So many pastors today have no idea what they are doing, success by number on the pews is not a measuring stick nor is the offering but how many of the “Valley of Dried Bones” are you touching ? How far out of the church do you travel ? Yes, I am different but having a dessert experence I can go into crack houses, whore houses, abandanded houses, I can sit with the homeless and discuss ” what must I do to be saved”. I came from such and exsistance guided by Our Savior lifted from my own vomit and darkness into the wonderful light of HIM. I promised when I get my pastors office this work will hang behind me at my desk. I’ll call soon.