“Echoes of Harlem” by Justin Bua

Echoes of Harlem - Justin Bua

Echoes of Harlem
(Canvas Giclee)

Size: 30.5 x 20 inches
Edition Size: 300
Price: $260.00 (includes shipping and handling)

“Echoes of Harlem” by Justin Bua is a new release by Justin Bua. Below you can find a description of the print as written by Justin Bua himself:

About “Echoes of Harlem”: A Jazz master sings to the city of Harlem from his home-spun recording studio. His song is about struggle and overcoming, faith, forbearance and hope- a message of empathy and inspiration.

He sings not for fame or fortune but for the ritual and love of the spiritual. In the midst of darkness, light spills into the single window in his apartment, illuminating his gospel. Though he lives in a rundown tenement, he is rich in spirit. His song echoes through the city.

This print is not available in our Justin Bua Art Gallery yet but you can purchase the print directly from the blog.