The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
1970 Broadway
Suite 450
Oakland, CA 94612

PHONE: (510) 428-3939
FAX: (510) 428-3940

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Through our people-powered campaigns, the Ella Baker Center offers smart solutions and uplifting alternatives to violence and incarceration. The safest neighborhoods aren’t the ones with the most prisons and the most police. They’re the ones with the best schools, the cleanest environment, and the most opportunities for young people and working people. Instead of basing policies on fear, we’re building a society where decisions and laws are based on love and common concerns. Read More >>>

Van Jones

Van Jones

When the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights started in 1996, we were small. Very small. In every conceivable way. We had one full-time staff person. We had one computer that co-founder Van Jones brought from his home. Our office was literally a closet, donated by the ever-generous Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. Not exactly an auspicious beginning.

Fast forward 14 years. We have a staff of 27 world-class human rights activists. We’ve graduated from a closet to a real office, from an office to a floor, and from a floor to an entire building in Oakland. And we’ve built a record as one of the most effective and innovative human rights organizations in America. How did we get here? Read More >>>

Books Not Bars Protest

Books Not Bars Protest

Books Not Bars: Organizes the largest statewide network of families of incarcerated youth and champions policies to replace California’s costly, broken youth prison system with alternatives that work.

Green-Collar Jobs Campaign: Builds a thriving green economy that puts the planet and people first.

Soul of the City: Places the well-being of Oakland directly in the hands of the community. We honor the important role that each person plays in creating a vibrant and thriving city.

Heal the Streets: Trains Oakland youth to become community leaders and violence prevention advocates.