“Heaven Sent” by Jay C. Bakari is now back in stock!!!

Heaven Sent - Jay C. Bakari

“Heaven Sent” is now back in stock and ready to ship!  This beautiful print by Jay C. Bakari (Allen) has not been available to our customers for some time.  We now, however, have limited quantites available for our all of our valued customers.  Jay C. Bakari who was formerly know as Jay C. Allen has a variety of beautiful art prints and we are glad to have this back in stock again.  It is one of his more popular prints so if you are interested in purchasing this print or any of Bakari’s other artwork please visit our Jay C. Bakari Art Gallery today!

  • Marvin Harris

    I have a Heaven Sent painting that was copyright 1991. What is the Value? It is in excellent condition.

    • http://www.blackartdepot.com Haasim

      It’s a beautiful piece but due to it being an open edition that’s still currently available on the market, the price probably hasn’t gone up in value much if any at all.

  • Tecia Burrison

    I have an original hand drawn piece of Malcom X drawn in 1989. I would like to know if there is any value in it at this time.

  • Marilyn

    I have several pieces of his work. I purchased Heaven Sent shortly after the birth of my 1st daughter at Black Expo in Philadelphia it’s hanging in her room today. So inspirational!