Henry Battle Art: “Time Well Spent” is now back in inventory!!!

Tiime Well Spent by Henry Battle

Time Well Spent
Henry Battle

Image Size: 24×36 inches Paper Size: 24×36 inches Medium: Offset Lithograph
Edition Type: Open Edition Edition Size: N/A Signed: N/A
Collection: Henry Battle Art Gallery Retail Price: $45.00 Our Price: $33.00

The Black Art Depot now has some limited copies of the larger gallery size (24×36 inches) of “Time Well Spent” by Henry Lee Battle back in inventory. This art print, in the larger size, is in high demand and we expect to sell out quickly. So, if you are interested in this beautiful print by Henry Battle, you may want to place your order as soon as possible. It is available in our Henry Battle Art Gallery. Please contact us directly if you have any problems locating the print or if you have any additional questions, comments or concerns.

  • Barbara Hennings

    I am very intrested in purchasing this print, however, it does not tell me where nor does it give a price.

    Please advise, thank you

  • Janice Boston

    This is perhaps one of the most inspirational pieces I have seen. I originally purchased it from Midnight Velvet in March and tried to purchase again for my goddaughter for Christmas. However, it was no longer available. I decided to go on line to trace it, and I am so very happy to know that it is back in distribution. This portrait is placed prominently in my bedroom.

  • Dawn Fisher

    Is this Print out of circulation? Another site has this print framed and selling it for $ 89.95. however they charge at least $25 for shipping and handling. I just prefer to buy the print and I will frame and mat it myself.

  • Paula Trent

    I’m looking for this print. Is it available, if so where?

  • sanora whitehead

    i live in wilm.del.my sister in baltimore has this picture she brought it in a frame it measures 42 in half width 30 lenth i want to purchase it but do not know where to buy it can u help me.also is this a portrait of rochelle farell

    • http://www.blackartdepot.com Haasim

      We do sell this print framed. Please email me the city where you currently reside and I will provide you with a price.

  • Rochelle walk

    Please me a price for the set his and her time well sprnt framed shipped to auburn hills

    • http://www.blackartdepot.com Haasim

      OK. I apologize for the delay. We will get this to you today.

  • Shevonne Randle

    Hi, I am looking to purchase this prtrait, framed or unframed for my daughter’s college graduation gift; May 2011. Do you have any available?

    • http://www.blackartdepot.com Haasim

      Yes, we do. Can you provide us with your physical location so that we can send you a quote for how much the print will cost framed.

  • callash

    I purchased the “Time Well Spent” (female version of this print) earlier this year in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, and I have been searching the world over for this print in jigsaw puzzle form. Can anybody help me? If it will help anyone else, this print is available on Henry Lee Battle’s website (the artist).

  • http://www.henryleebattle.com Henry Lee Battle

    Look for this print with the PINK faced Watch only. That change was made about three years by the artist when he took over production.

  • http://www.henryleebattle.com Henry Lee Battle

    Look for this print with the PINK faced Watch only. That change was made about three years ago by the artist when he took over production.

  • Carol Simmons

    I would like to purchase 2 of these prints with or without framing. Can you please let me know the price?

  • I Johnson-Lewis

    I am looking for Time Well Spent (female) in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, where can I fine one or two puzzles?

  • Denise

    I would like to purchase The time well spent framed, can you give me some information on how much that is and where to purchase, I live in Maryland.