New Sale on Frank Morrison Artwork!

Swing, Baby, Swing by Frank Morrison

This month, while supplies last and for a limited time only, we are reducing prices by as much as 25% on some of Frank Morrison’s newest and most popular paintings. I’m sure this sale won’t last long and is probably your best opportunity this year to get some of Frank’s limited edition artwork in your home. At these new price points, these paintings are truly a great value buy.

Below you will find a listing of the artwork that is currently on sale at The Black Art Depot by Frank Morrison. You can purchase items directly from our blog or visit his gallery on our site to make these purchases.

Image Name Retail Price Sale Price Buy Now
Black and Mild by Frank Morrison Black and Mild $500.00 $375.00
Freedom by Frank Morrison Freedom $200.00 $160.00
Red by Frank Morrison Red $1000.00 $750.00
Blues on Red by Frank Morrison Blues on Red $800.00 $600.00
The Next Plateau by Frank Morrison The Next Plateau $600.00 $450.00
  • Lorraine

    Is Swing, Baby, Swing for purchase?