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Reorganization of Gallery Pages

The Black Art Depot has recently reorganized and updated it’s main gallery pages. The Black Art Gallery (By Artist) and the African American Art Gallery (By Category). This was done to make the pages easier to navigate and to also put our most popular galleries and collections closer to the top of the page so that our valued customers can access them easily.

WAK releases new art print: “Beautiful Soul”

Kevin Williams, better known as “WAK”, has released a new print entitled “Beautiful Soul”. WAK is recognized as one of the best selling urban artists in America. This fine art print is a limited edition release which continues his recent trend of producing more or what I would consider “higher-end” art. In the past the majority of his work seemed to be reasonable priced open editions but lately he has decided to release more limited edition fine art prints to the public. This print continues to build upon the art technique and patterns used in his previously recently released artwork such as “Sunflower Dreams“, “African Lillies” and “High On U“. Enjoy another fine piece of black art by one of my personal favorites of this day and age. “Beautiful Soul is displayed below with all pertinent details.


Beautiful Soul by Kevin

Name: Beautiful Soul
Type: Limited Edition Lithograph
Signed: Signed and Numbered
Size: 26×32 inches
Price: $250.00