“Back In The Days” by Justin Bua

New Justin Bua Release!

Back In The Days by Justin Bua

Title: Back In The Days
Artist: Justin Bua
Size: 24×36
Edition: Open Edition Offset
Price: $24.00

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Note: This print is currently only available on the blog but it will be available on the site in Justin Bua’s Gallery soon.  In the meantime, please purchase this print directly from the blog!

I love this artist and I think he loves Hip Hop as much as I do!  He always finds a way to make things artistic, classy and street at the same time.  Great job Bua!

Black Art Video: Justin Bua at the Limited Addiction Gallery

This Black Art Video features the artist and icon known as Justin Bua.  Though it is short video it does a good job of summarizing who Justin Bua is and how he has impacted the world of art.  It features the art of Justin Bua and images and videos from one of his exhibitions at the Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

BUA @ Limited Addiction Gallery

Obama Art: A New Day by Justin Bua

New Day by Justin Bua

Title: New Day
Artist: Justin Bua
Size: 24.5 x 20 inches
Media: Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
Edition Size: 200
Price: $500.00

I know it seems like everyday more and more art prints, t-shirts and related products featuring the image of Barack Obama is released.  Yesterday, I was notified of this tremendous new piece by the famous Justin Bua.  It is entitled “A New Day” and is a limited edition giclee with only 200 prints being available to the public.  A percentage of each and every sale is donated to Obama’s campaign by Justin Bua and 10% of every Obama Poster or Obama Art Print is donated to Obama’s campaign by The Black Art Depot as well.  Get your copy today before they run out!

10% – 30% Off Justin Bua Art Prints

Justin Bua - The Black Art Depot

We are offering reduced pricing on our Justin Bua Art Gallery from Aug. 20, 2008 – Sept. 20, 2008.  All of the prints in this gallery are discounted up to 30%.  Justin Bua is a world renowned artist who hails from New York City’s Upper West Side and creates a style of art he calls “Distorted Urban Realism”.  Below you will find some samples of his artwork.

Como No by Justin Bua

“Echoes of Harlem” by Justin Bua

Echoes of Harlem - Justin Bua

Echoes of Harlem
(Canvas Giclee)

Size: 30.5 x 20 inches
Edition Size: 300
Price: $260.00 (includes shipping and handling)

“Echoes of Harlem” by Justin Bua is a new release by Justin Bua. Below you can find a description of the print as written by Justin Bua himself:

About “Echoes of Harlem”: A Jazz master sings to the city of Harlem from his home-spun recording studio. His song is about struggle and overcoming, faith, forbearance and hope- a message of empathy and inspiration.

He sings not for fame or fortune but for the ritual and love of the spiritual. In the midst of darkness, light spills into the single window in his apartment, illuminating his gospel. Though he lives in a rundown tenement, he is rich in spirit. His song echoes through the city.

This print is not available in our Justin Bua Art Gallery yet but you can purchase the print directly from the blog.

Justin Bua Art: Trumpet Man is back in in stock!!!

Trumpet Man - Justin Bua Art Gallery

 “Trumpet Man” by Justin Bua

We now have the famous “Trumpet Man” by Justin Bua back in inventory. If you are intersted in this print, you can find it in our Justin Bua Art Gallery. We only have a limited amount available at this time and this print is in very high demand. Please contact our office if you have any problems finding the print on our site or if you have any other questions, comments or concerns.

Justin Bua Art: Justin Bua Exhibition in Denver!

Justin Bua Event


Justin Bua will be hosting an exhibition in Denver, Colorado at the Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver, Colorado from April 26, 2008 until May 24, 2008. The title of the showcase is BUA Musicology. For more information please contact the art gallery. Their information is below:


Limited Addiction Gallery
825 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Ph: 303-893-4234