CAF Red Tail Squadron

Chanute Air Museum: CAF Red Tail Squadron

The goal of the CAF Red Tail Squadron’s RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit is to share with everyone the Inspiring legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen – America’s first black military pilots and their crewmen. Their courage, determination and ability to triumph over adversity during World War II can serve to inspire others about how to succeed today.

This unique educational traveling exhibit will offer the following and be an asset to your airshow:

• A rare P-51C Mustang – will draw crowds and media attention for three reasons: it is one of only four like it still flying, it has a bright red tail and it is a key part of an educational mission. That mission is to help people – particularly young people – understand and appreciate the history and legacy of a special group of black pilots who flew airplanes sporting bright red tails as they fought the Nazis during WWII – the Tuskegee Airmen.

• The RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit – Housed in a 53’ long semi-rig, the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit contains a 30-seat temperature-controlled movie theater with a 180- degree screen. Every 45 minutes, it will run a 30-minute movie that highlights who the Tuskegee Airmen are, how they overcame obstacles to be allowed to train and fight as U.S. Army Air Corps pilots, how more than 10,000 other black men and women also trained hard to support the pilots, and what the courage and determination they exhibited then still means to all Americans today. The movie will also give viewers a feel for what it’s like to pilot a Mustang!

For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots

For Love of Liberty DVD

“Let it be said that the Negro soldier did his duty under the flag, whether the flag protected him or not.” – Edward A. Johnson

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The Sculpture of Michael Rolando Richards


Michael Rolando Richards

Michael Rolando Richards
(African American Sculptor)

Michael Rolando Richards was a profound African American sculptor of Jamaican and Costa Rican ancestry who was killed on Sept. 11, 2001 during the World Trade Center attack while in his art studio on the 92nd Floor of the Twin Towers.  He was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He graduated with honors from Excelsior High School and then went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queens College and a Master of Arts from New York University.

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Tuskegee Airmen Posters: New Art Collection!

The Black Art Depot is proud to present it’s newest gallery: The Tuskegee Airmen Posters & Print Collection. This collection consists of artwork featuring the images of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen. Below you will find some sample prints from the collection, links to additional resources where you can learn and live the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen and some photos of the Tuskegee Airmen in action. Enjoy!

Airmen by Anonymous Tuskegee Airmen by TechDirections

Additional Resources

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Photos of the Tuskegee Airmen

Tuskegee Airmen Salute - Photo1 Tuskegee Airmen Ready To Fly - Photo2

Tuskegee Airmen Ready To Fly 2 - Photo3 Tuskegee Airmen All Aboard - Photo 4

Tuskegee Airmen Solo - Photo5

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